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Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoos

Transform your look with CB Skin & Cosmetic Ink's expertly crafted cosmetic tattoo services. Our nano hairstroke brows, combination brows, ombre powder brows, and lip blush treatments offer flawless and long-lasting results. Discover the perfect technique to enhance your natural beauty and regain your confidence. Trust the name that delivers precision and artistry in every stroke. Contact CB Skin & Cosmetic Ink today!


Free in person or virtual available.

We will discuss your wants needs desires and answer any questions or concerns you may have. I go over what to expect and how to prepare for you appointment

Nano Hairstroke Brows - $350

Nano Brows creates the finest hair strokes Ideal for those who have a good amount of brow hair. This technique mimics natural brow hairs and provides a very natural look. Hairstrokes technique is not ideal for coverups. Ideal For Dry - Normal Skin Types.

Ombre Powder Brows - $350

Can be as soft or as bold as you would like. Ideal for Coverups or those with little to no brow hair. Creates a pixelated effect that mimicks the appearance of brow makeup. Can have a gradient effect going from soft in the front to dark at the tail. Ideal for all skin types, Sun damaged, Mature or Alopecia Skin.

Combination Brows - $350

Ideal for those with little to no brow hair. It is a hybrid of hairstrokes and shading. Creates a 3d realistic result and provides more depth and density than Microblading or Nano Hairstrokes on its own. Ideal for Dry, Normal or Combination Skin.

Lip Blush - $350

Lip blush enhances your natural lip colour, improves the shape and gives definition to the lips. The final healed result will resemble a lip tint look so you can just gloss and go.

6-8 Week Touch Up - $200

At the touch up session we reinforce the shape and colour and make any minor adjustments that may be needed to perfect any details. 


Eyeliner Tattoo defines and enhances the eyes, it is a tattoo technique that replicates the look of eyeliner.


Limited Time Offer

Initial Session $250

Touch Up Session If Needed $100

Lash Line Enhancement

Lash Line Enhancement is a tattoo procedure where pigment is tattooed through the upper eyelashes. It darkens and defines the upper lash line.

Limited Time Offer

Initial Session $200

Touch Up If Needed $100

6-8 Week Touch Up - $200

At the touch up session we reinforce the shape and colour and make any minor adjustments that may be needed to perfect any details. 

Colour Boost Session - $250

Depending on Technique received and a variety of other factors a colour refresh is normally done between 18 mths-3yrs. Brows should be around 50% faded. At the colour refresh session we reinforce the shape and colour and make any adjustments that may be needed to perfect any details. 

Colour Correction

There are a variety of factors of why the colour can shift over time. We can colour correct your grey/blue, Purple,Green, Orange, Red Brows and bring them back to their former glory. Brows should be faded approx 50% if they are too saturated a few sessions of removal may be required in order to achieve desired results.

Cosmetic Tattoo Guide

CB Skin Cosmetic Tattooing Muskoka

What Is Nano Brows ?

Nano Brows is a permanent makeup application which is a form of tattooing also called micro pigmentation. The Nano Brow Technique consists of using  the finest Nano Needles which deposit pigments into the skin leaving a natural 3D appearance of hair strokes and shading. This is prefect for people who may experience hair loss, lack of definition or thinning brows. It is also ideal for clients who have gone through chemotherapy, suffer from alopecia or want to cover up scarring, who want to extend their existing brows, define or thicken their brows or to help create symmetry.

How Is Nano Brows Different Than Microblading ?

There are a lot of similarities between Nano Brows and Microblading but these two techniques offer different results. The longevity of the enhancement is one of the main differences between the two.​ ​ The Nano Brow Hairstroke technique we use is done using some of the finest needles in the industry, which measure .16mm-.18mm. The needle is paired with a machine hand tool that is controlled and powered by machine. This creates the finest hair strokes in the brow which helps to prevent blurring or bleeding. The pigment is penetrated deeper in the skin (upper dermis layer) by the tip of the needle creating the most natural and precise results that can last up to 5 yrs between colour boosts depending on the skin.

How Does It Feel ?

There is some mild discomfort associated with the procedures. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area. After the anesthetic has taken effect discomfort is very mild. Most Get a little nap in. A numbing agent may also be used during the process of the procedure, that will further numb the incisions that are made during the process.

How Long Does It Take ?

Generally the appointment will take approximately 3hrs for Brows, 3.5hrs for Lip Blush, 2hrs -3 hrs Areolas/Scars, 1hr Removals which includes consultation, analyzing and shaping the brows and/or lips, Areola's etc, pigment colour selecting, numbing  along with the physical process of implanting the pigments.

Results Expected ?

I like to work conservatively in your initial session and build on the foundation at your touch up. It is easier to add then to take away. After the initial treatment there will be approx between 30-50% pigment loss, as two treatments are normally required to get the desired results. The second appointment should be scheduled within the 6-8 week mark to help keep the skin integrity and to allow for optimal healing time. The final colour should only be considered after the final SECOND treatment, which will also fade to the final colour in approximately 6-8 weeks. Depending on the area being treated and the desired results more touch up appointments may be needed. Touch up treatments to maintain the desired colour may be 18mths-3years. **

What To Expect Right After The Procedure

Day 1 : The permanent Cosmetics will appear slightly thicker and the colour will look much stronger and maybe warmer due to the redness caused in the skin. The area may be slightly swollen as well. ​ Day 2-4 : The Permanent Cosmetics will appear darker and or brighter and bolder from when you left the clinic and colour may seem a little red still. They may feel rough and dry. If you had Lips done you will normally experience flaking around day 3/4 and it lasts about 1 day. ​ Day 6-10 : Not all Permanent Cosmetics through the flaking process; some clients can't even see the flaking. Permanent cosmetics may look very light and patchy at this stage. The pigment will reappear in nearly all cases. ​ Day 28-40 : Depending on the client, this is the time when you actually start to see the final result. People who heal quickly and younger clients can see their final colour by the 4-5 week mark, while more mature clients and slower healers may have to wait 6-7 weeks to see the colour fully bloom back. ​ A touch up will usually be required 6-8 weeks after the first procedure. Everyones skin responds  and heals differently to the tattoo process, depending on the desired results additional touch ups may be needed. ​ As the months go by the pigment will appear softer and lighter as it settles under the layers of skin. To protect against fading use a sunscreen, avoid sun beds and cut down on skincare products containing Vitamin C, Glycolic and other AHA's and exfoliants on the tattooed area. ​ Camouflage and Areola Tattoos are expected to last many years though depending on colour used, lifestyle, skin type and aftercare some fading may occur over many years and you may elect to have your colour refreshed. Do not do laser near the area (ipl) as some lasers may change the color of the ink. ​ Sun exposure and tanning beds can cause fading and discolouration to pigment. Once completely healed, always apply sunscreen (spf 30+ or greater) on the area if exposed.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Your Appointment

-Do not pick/tweeze/electrolysis within one week before. -Do not tan within the 2 weeks prior or have a sunburned face. -Do not have any facial treatments 2 weeks prior to treatment. -Do not wax or tint your eyebrows within 3 days prior to treatment. -Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Pigment implants better on well hydrated and moisturized skin. -There are many medications that can interfere with cosmetic and paramedical tattoo procedures. Any topical creams, serums, prescribed medications should be reviewed thoroughly with your artist and consulted with your doctor. -For Lip Blush a week before exfoliate the lips with a sugar scrub or toothbrush gently and apply a lip conditioner (vaseline or similar) everyday leading up tp your appointment. If you have ever experienced cold sores consult your doc for a antiviral to start a few days before and following your appointment. ​ To Avoid excessive bleeding and poor colour deposit: -Do not drink alcohol 24-48hrs before treatment. -Do not consume coffee before your treatment. -Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief as this thins the blood. -Do not take fish oil (omega3) Niacin, or vitamin E one week prior as they are natural blood thinners and may affect anesthetic efficacy and poor colour retention. You may resume taking your vitamins 72hrs after.                                                                                                                                         ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR WHEN STOPPING BLOOD THINNERS AND OTHER MEDICATIONS.

Things To Keep In Mind After Your Appointment

-Use a fresh pillowcase. -No facials, botox, fillers, chemical treatments, microdermabrasion, face waxing for 4 weeks. -Avoid hot sweaty exercise for 1 week. -Avoid sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks after procedure. Wear a hat when outdoors. -Avoid Sleeping on your face for the first 10 days. -Avoid swimming in lakes, oceans, hot tubs, pools for the first 10 days. -Avoid topical makeup including sunscreen on the area until healed. After healed use spf 30 to avoid fading and colour changing. -Do not rub, pick or scratch. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate away. Picking can cause scarring and loss of colour. -Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive on the tattoo.

Contraindications For Cosmetic Tattoos

-Fever/Cold- Clients should be in good optimal health as the healing time will be impaired by a weekend immune system. -Auto-Immune Disorders - Doctors approval is required. -Sunburn - Must wait until healed. -Sensitivity/Allergy to Anaesthetic - topical anesthetic is generally used to numb the area during the procedure. Although it can be performed with out anesthetic. Consult with your Doctor about alternative pain relief. -Pregnant/Nursing - Unable to perform the treatment. -Cancer - Depending on various factors Doctor's approval may be required.  -Diabetes - Must be controlled for a minimum of 1 year. Certain medications may interfere. Doctor's approval may be required. -Blood Disorders - Any blood disorder such as blood clotting, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, or even taking large doses of aspirin. Doctor's approval is required. -Liver Disease - Unable to perform the treatment. -Keloid Scarring - Unable to perform the treatment. -Herpes - Cannot perform the procedure during an active outbreak. Prescribed medication must be taken 3 days prior and following to reduce risk of an outbreak. Consult with your Doctor. -Skin Disease or Disorder - Doctor's approval may be required. -Acne - Area must be clear of breakouts. If taking prescribed topical or oral medication, Doctor's approval is required. -Moles - We cannot tattoo over moles. -Botox/Fillers - If receiving a tattoo in the area Must wait 2-4 weeks following injection date.

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